Once a Upon a Time...

Hi everyone!

Hope you like the new website and thanks for coming check out our new blog. We want to let you know everything that goes on with Canny; the good things, the funny things and even the bad things. So we will be trying to keep you updated as often as possible, whether it be about what we’ve been up to, the people we’ve met or why we use the ingredients we do. By the way, just so you know, Liam’s spelling and grammar is awful - you have been warned.

Some of you may be familiar with the Canny journey, but a lot of you wont, so this first blog is gonna let you get to know us a little bit and our story so far…

So how did we make Canny? We feel like here is where we should write some sob story about how we never had milkshakes growing up as kids and made a promise to our Nanna but honestly, we just love milk, and wanted to make the best flavoured milk possible that was 100% natural and tasted lush! And here we are today, 28 weeks old, having sold more cartons than we ever expected. Our sole purpose is to keep growing the family and get our drinks into more peoples hands.

We wanna be totally honest with you, so you will read everything here on the blog, even the bad stuff that goes on. We also love hearing from you guys so get in touch, send pics of yourselves with Canny, tells us what shops you would love to see them in, if you are in Newcastle and wanna meet us and have a shake - let us know! Email us, tweet us, Facebook us, whatever you want, just get in touch.


Liam & Simon