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Our Story

Our Story

We believe that great taste comes from great ingredients. Our founder Liam, having trained as a herbalist and loving milk, couldn’t believe how shop bought milk drinks lacked taste and personality and most of all didn’t contain real ingredients!


What makes us Canny

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    Good source of calcium

    We all know how important calcium is for strong bones, but what you didn’t know is that Canny provides you with a whopping 40% of your RDA of calcium – in one drink! Not just a pretty carton these lot.

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    Good source of protein

    11g of protein in one little carton. That’s more than peanut butter, an egg, a serving of beans, all from one little drink. Canny is pretty much the perfect breakfast on the run!

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    100% natural

    We knew from the start of this Canny journey that everything that was going into it would be 100% natural. You can try, but you won’t find any nasties here, only simple, clean goodness and great flavours, with a dash of canny banter for good measure.

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    Thickened with plants

    This is the magic of plants. No weird thickening agents that you can’t pronounce - only corn flour is used to get Canny to the perfect thickness, ready for you lovely people to enjoy.

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    5% profits to the Life Centre

    We are proud of where we come from and want to give back. Therefore 5% of all our profits go to the Life Centre in Newcastle. If you are ever in Geordie Land give them a visit.

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    Coloured with fruit and veg

    That’s not artificial colourings giving our milkshakes their lovely colour, that’s the power of fruits and vegetables. Just check the ingredients list, you will be amazed.


What sort of milk do you use?

British Red Tractor semi-skimmed milk.

Is it suitable for vegetarians?


Does the milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?

Great questions! We found a 50/50 split of boys and girls coming to the yard.

Are you gluten free?

Wey ai

Why a carton?

Do you know THE Rick Charnley

It's true. We do!

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